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Meet Kacey Feeney: Your Skincare Artisan at Luma Dermatology

headshot of esthetician Kacey
LMA/CMA Kacey Feeney

At Luma Dermatology, we take pride in curating personalized skincare experiences. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to our exceptional esthetician, Kacey Feeney. With a blend of expertise and a passion for skin wellness, Kacey is your dedicated partner in achieving a radiant, healthy complexion.


Discover Kacey's Expertise

With years of hands-on experience and a commitment to continuous learning, Kacey brings a wealth of knowledge to Luma Dermatology. Her precise techniques, tailored approach, and genuine care make every session an indulgent journey towards revitalized and rejuvenated skin.

Unveiling Our Signature Facials

1. Signature Luma Facial

The Signature Luma Facial is a personalized experience that addresses your unique skin concerns. Through a thorough analysis, Kacey crafts a treatment plan encompassing cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extractions, and a custom mask. The result? A refreshed, radiant complexion tailored just for you.

2. Hydrating Bliss Facial

For those seeking an extra surge of hydration, the Hydrating Bliss Facial is the ultimate treat. This treatment focuses on saturating dry or dehydrated skin, leaving it supple, luminous, and absolutely glowing.

3. Clarifying Detox Facial

Perfect for congested or acne-prone skin, the Clarifying Detox Facial is designed to purify and harmonize. Targeted techniques and products work in unison to clear impurities, soothe inflammation, and reveal a more refined complexion.

4. Age-Defying Renewal Facial

Timeless beauty starts here. The Age-Defying Renewal Facial is crafted to combat signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Experience a renewed radiance that turns back the clock.

Elevate Your Glow with SkinMedica Chemical Peels

At Luma Dermatology, we proudly offer SkinMedica chemical peels. Backed by science, these peels are formulated to address an array of skin concerns, from sun damage and hyperpigmentation to fine lines and acne scarring. Under Kacey's expert guidance, you'll witness the transformative power of these potent peels.

Post-Facial Product Recommendations by Kacey

To maintain the glow post-treatment, Kacey may recommend specific products tailored to your skin type and concerns. These personalized suggestions will enhance and prolong the benefits of your facial experience and will be available for purchase in office.

Book Your Radiant Experience

Are you ready to embark on a journey to luminous, healthy skin? Kacey Feeney welcomes appointments on Friday mornings, providing you with the perfect start to your weekend. To secure your session, a $75 deposit is required upon booking.

Schedule your appointment with Kacey Feeney today. Whether you're seeking a bespoke facial or the rejuvenating effects of a SkinMedica chemical peel, Kacey is here to guide you towards the radiant complexion you've been dreaming of.

Please refer to our Skin Rejuvenation Services page for more detailed information on our scheduling and cancellation policies.

Disclaimer: All services are performed by licensed professionals. Results may vary. Please consult with your esthetician for personalized recommendations based on your specific skin type and concerns.

For more information on our facial services and SkinMedica chemical peels, feel free to contact us. Your radiant skin journey begins here at Luma Dermatology!

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