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General Dermatology

Medical dermatologists evaluate, diagnose and treat people with diseases and injuries affecting the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes.

Allergic Reaction

Conditions We Treat

Our physicians at Luma Dermatology specialize in treating a variety of dermatological conditions such as:

Atopic dermatitis

Autoimmune skin diseases

Autoimmune blistering skin diseases


Chicken pox and Shingles (zoster)


Chronic inflammatory skin diseases



Hair loss



Nevi (Moles and other skin spots)




Skin allergies/Contact Dermatitis

Skin cancers such as Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma

Skin infections

Skin tags

Skin aging



How we treat:

At Luma Dermatology, our goal is to help you treat any skin conditions that you may have. Our staff of highly trained professionals have extensive knowledge and training to provide you with the best options for treating your skin condition. The first step is to properly diagnose the condition, which can be done through visual inspection and/or a skin biopsy. Once the condition is identified, our dermatologists can create a customized treatment plan for the patient. This can include topical creams, oral medications, light or laser therapies, or skin surgery. The plan may also call for lifestyle changes such as avoiding certain irritants, using moisturizers, and protecting the skin from the sun. Follow-up visits are often required to adjust the treatment plan and ensure the condition is responding properly.

Performing Surgery
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