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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology (or aesthetic medicine) is a specialised field of dermatology that focuses on improving the skin on the face and neck for cosmetic purposes rather than for treating a medical condition.

Skin Analysis


A cosmetic consultation is an important part of the process when it comes to achieving the best cosmetic results. The consultation is typically with a physician, such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and is designed to cover all the questions you have, the risks and benefits associated with the procedure you’re considering, what to expect from the operation, and any other information you need. It also allows the physician to gather data and analyze a customized treatment plan for you. The consultation also allows you to weigh the costs associated with your desired treatment and develop realistic expectations for the outcomes.

*A deposit of $150 will be collected at the time of scheduling your consult with our dermatologists and a portion of the deposit will be applied to any cosmetic service scheduled within 30 days of your consult.*

*If you are needing to cancel the cosmetic consult, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required. Any cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit the entire amount of the deposit and a new deposit will required for rescheduling*

Botox Injection
Botox Treatment


When treating fine lines and wrinkles, the dermatologist may inject a neurotoxin such as Botox® Cosmetic or Dysport® into targeted muscles on the face or neck. This temporarily relaxes these targeted muscles, causing fine lines and wrinkles to soften. Most people will start to see results within 7 to 14 days after the injection with results lasting around 3 to 4 months.

Areas that can be treated with neurotoxins can include:

Forehead wrinkles

Crows feet (wrinkles around the eyes)

Lines in between the eyebrows

Dermal Fillers

As we age, our skin loses its youthful fullness. Fillers can help restore lost fullness to the face, lips, and hands. 


Most filler treatments can take around 30 minutes and usually require one office visit.  Before getting the injection, an aesthetic may applied to the skin depending on the area to be treated.

Fillers can effectively:

Restore fullness to cheeks, hollow areas under the eyes, and deep creases. 

Diminish scars

Soften fine lines 

Plump lips

Lift the brow 

Rejuvenate hands

Depending on the type of filler you receive results, can last anywhere from 3 to 4 months up to a year. Luma Dermatology uses Restylane® products. 

Lip Botox Injection
Facial Treatment
Chemical Peels

Dermatologists use medical grade chemical peels to help diminish many signs of aging on the face as well as the hands, neck, decollate, and chest. 


Chemical peels also treat some skin conditions such as acne and conditions that discolor the skin.   


Before receiving the peel our dermatologists will have you follow a 14 day pre-peel skin care plan. This will help improve results and reduce any potential side effects. 

When you receive a chemical peel for aesthetic reasons you can see:

Fewer lines and wrinkles

More even skin tone

Brighter complexion

Smoother skin

After your chemical peel you will receive a post peel skin care plan to help improve results. Your dermatologist can tell you how often you can have a repeat treatment. To learn more about Chemical Peels click here

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