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We believe in transparency  with regards to our policies to help you determine in advanced if our practice is a good fit for you.


We also believe in consistency in how we apply our policies. All patients are treated the same.

Code of

We are a ZERO tolerance healthcare facility.


We pledge our commitment to treating every patient/visitor with respect and dignity. We aim to foster a positive, inclusive and safe environment for all. 


Yelling, profanity, racist/anti-semitic language, bullying and/or threats* are absolutely not permitted.


You will not be given multiple warnings regarding your behavior. If you display any of the above you will not be invited back to the practice. 

*Threats are not simply insinuations of violence, but include those of financial, litigious, libelous or slanderous nature 


Cosmetics differs from medically necessary care. Therefore, these are separate appointments from traditional office visits. We cannot and will not perform a cosmetic consultation during a regular medical office visit. Insurance does not reimburse for cosmetic services and all cosmetic services are an out of pocket expense to you. 

While we aim to provide you with an incomparable experience and superior results, we cannot guarantee results.  Payment for cosmetic services is up front. This payment accounts for the product used and our physician's time. There are no refunds for services rendered. This includes cosmetic consultation visits if you decide to not proceed with a procedure. 

Late to visit

We understand that things happen! However, we must also respect all of our patient's time. 

In order to minimize delays in YOUR day and keep you from waiting long at our office, we must abide the times that your appointment is scheduled.

  • 1-10 minutes after your appointment time you may either re-schedule or you may be seen for one single focused issue.

  • 10-15 minutes late you may either re-schedule or you may be worked in later. However, we see all those patients that arrive on time first and are unable to provide a time estimate for how long you may be waiting. 

  • Beyond 15 minutes late you must re-schedule your appointment

No Show 

We aim to be able to care for as many patients in our community as we can. If you schedule  an appointment and do not ultimately show, then a time slot was unnecessarily taken from another patient in need. 

We pledge to you to provide you with ample reminder and opportunity to re-schedule your appointments and in return we expect that you honor your scheduled appointment. 

If you do not ultimately show for your appointment: 

  • 1st  -  Reminder

  • 2nd - $50 fee and reminder

  • 3rd - $75 fee and you will not be invited back to the practice 

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