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Skin Rejuvenation Services

At Luma Dermatology, we are dedicated to helping you unveil your most radiant and youthful self through our exceptional skin rejuvenation services. Our esthetician specializes in a range of transformative treatments designed to address your unique skincare needs. Whether you're looking to minimize the signs of aging, combat stubborn skin imperfections, or simply pamper yourself with a refreshing facial, our comprehensive menu of services has you covered. With a focus on safety, comfort, and superior results, our team is committed to enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence. Discover the power of professional skincare at Luma Dermatology and embark on a journey to healthier, glowing skin that truly reflects your inner vibrance.


Our facials are a testament to the harmonious blend of cutting-edge science and the artistry of skincare. SkinMedica's premium formulations, renowned for their scientific rigor and effectiveness, provide the foundation for our facial treatments. Whether you're seeking deep hydration, radiant rejuvenation, or relief from specific skin concerns, our estheticians are skilled in customizing facials to meet your unique needs.

Indulge in a spa-like atmosphere where relaxation meets transformation. Our estheticians use SkinMedica's scientifically based products to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed. These facials not only promote visible results but also enhance the overall health and vitality of your skin.

Experience the ultimate in skincare luxury with Luma Dermatology's Skin Rejuvenation Facials. Reveal your skin's full potential and radiate confidence with our expert treatments. Schedule your appointment today to embark on a journey to healthier, more luminous skin.

Chemical Peels

At Luma Dermatology, we take your skincare to the next level with our Esthetician Chemical Peel Services, exclusively featuring SkinMedica's exceptional skincare products. Our chemical peels are meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled results in skin rejuvenation and transformation. SkinMedica's advanced formulations, backed by scientific research, work synergistically with our estheticians' expertise to address a variety of skin concerns.

Whether you're seeking to minimize the appearance of fine lines, combat stubborn acne, or achieve a more even skin tone, our chemical peels are tailored to your unique needs. We believe in the power of science-backed skincare, and SkinMedica's range of peels allows us to provide safe, effective, and customized solutions.

Experience the revitalizing effects of our chemical peel treatments, where the union of scientifically based products and skilled estheticians works harmoniously to reveal your skin's natural radiance. Discover a more youthful, vibrant complexion with Luma Dermatology's SkinMedica Chemical Peel Services today.

Elevate your Experience

Add on Services

At Luma Dermatology, we believe that personalized skincare should cater to your unique needs and preferences. That's why we offer a selection of carefully curated add-on services to complement and enhance your treatment. Whether you're looking for an extra dose of relaxation or specific solutions for your skincare concerns, our add-on services are designed to take your experience to the next level.

Choose from our range of add-ons, including dermaplaning, targeted eye treatments, and soothing hand and arm massages. These additions are thoughtfully integrated into your primary treatment, ensuring you receive a comprehensive and indulgent experience.

Indulge in the luxury of tailored skincare and discover how these add-on services can amplify the benefits of your treatment. At Luma Dermatology, we're committed to providing you with a skincare journey that's as unique as you are.


Explore our add-on options to make your visit truly exceptional. Your path to radiant, healthy skin awaits.

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